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How do I Stop my School from finding my Channel?

How do I Stop my School from finding my Channel?

Before we begin: PLEASE NOTE that if your School/Friends have ALREADY found your Channel, Sorry but We really can’t Advise/Help you, As you will have to face those People every day.

Wow Indeed, Ms. Darling! ASMR has grown in Popularity and Grandpa’s to Grandsons are making ASMR, Even, Ikea made an ASMR Ad! So it’s No Doubt that if you are thinking of/are making ASMR there is around 50% Chance that your School/Friends will find out at some point.

A lot of Kid ASMRtist Quit because of this and even some Adults have aswell, A Few members have left ASMRtist United due to this, One Member left in October because his School found his videos and shared and ridiculed them on the School-Wide Snapchat group and to this day he has sadly not returned.

Don’t be Scared or Worried yet! We have compiled some tips to prevent your School/Friends from finding your ASMR Channel.

  1. DO NOT Show your Face! When making the Videos keep the camera at an Angle or RECORD IN THE DARK which will help people fall asleep faster!
  2. Do Not display your Real name on your channel. Even if you don’t show your face, you still want an extra level of Security. For Example, Your Real Name is Joe and you name your channel “JoeASMR” you should instead name your channel with more Creative and more ASMR lingo.
  3. Do not mention Where you Live and be careful Not to have any School Uniforms/Certificates/Pictures/Yearbook in the Background, Take a walk around before Filming and see if there is anything that might be able Tip your School/Friends off that it is you.
  4. If your Friends regularly see your Room make sure to try and record in a different area, That they won’t Recognize.
  5. Don’t use your Real Voice! Only Whisper and Soft-Spoken, Many ASMRtist have a Real Voice and ASMR Voice which can sound VERY Different.

If you are being Bullied by someone at your School, Report it to School/District Administrators, You don’t have to deal with it!


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