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How you can help us keep our members safe

How you can help us keep our members safe

The online and real-life safety of our members has always been a priority for us here at ASMRtist United since day one. We have decided to step up our efforts to protect the safety of our members by allowing you, the people who watch our members videos and comment on them, to report any Abusive or Predatory behavior that you have spotted in the comment sections, live chat, or on the social media pages of ASMRtist United members.

Abusive/Predatory behavior can be reported via our online reporting form, which can be accessed here https://asmrtistunited.org/report-abuse

Once you submit your report, it will be sent to both us and our legal team, within 24-48 hours you will receive a human prepared confirmation email along with a report reference number, please note that other then a confirmation email, you will receive no follow-ups, after that an investigation will then be launched into the activity of the reported user, If their actions violate the law, we will pass our findings and collected report details to the proper law enforcement agency.

In some cases, the users actions may not be morally right but doesn’t violate the law, in that case, we will either, A: Report the user to the site that their are using to be abusive, as sometimes their actions may violate the rules of that site or B: We will advise the member to block the person and cut off contact, in most cases, we will do both.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can contact us via our contact form here https://asmrtistunited.org/contact-us



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