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I’m being Harassed/Cyberbullied!

I’m being Harassed/Cyberbullied!

There are some Horrible and Sick people in the world, some leave Sexual and Disturbing comments, and sometimes those People go to the lengths of Harassing and Cyberbullying you. It is very Scary and hard to deal with. Before we get started with this Article, Please know that we are NOT a Law Enforcement agency or skilled in the Laws of every country, We are only giving you tips.

  1. Block the Person and any other Accounts used to harass or Cyberbully you, Keep a log of ALL Evidence, Screenshots of Comments, Post, Profiles, Videos, Emails and make sure to store it somewhere Safe for when you need to go to Law Enforcement. You can download a FREE Printable Cyberstalking log from https://www.fightcyberstalking.org/fight-cyberstalking-toolkit/ Use a Binder to put the Pages and Log into.
  2. Before Reporting someone to Law Enforcement, Report them to the Sites Administrators or Trust and Safety Team, Most sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, And Snapchat have Policies against this Type of Behavior, Just search (Site Name) Support” and you should be able to find it.
  3. You might want to take a Break from the Internet, Don’t worry about letting them win, Your Mental/Emotional health is very Important, Hangout with friends, Visit your Relatives and have Fun!
  4. Inform your Trusted circle of Friends, Family, and anyone else that is very close and Important to you or your Family of what is Happening and tell them not to Disclose any Information about you and to look out for Suspicious people.
  5. It may be wise to install a Security Camera and watch for any Suspicious Persons or Vehicles by your Home or Following you, If you do suspect that you are in Danger, call 911 right away!
  6. If Reporting them to Site Administrators or Ignoring them does not work it is time to Talk to Local Law Enforcement,  Unfortunately, every State/Country has their own Laws governing Online Harassment and Computer Crimes. Ask your Local Law Enforcement is they have a “Cyber Crimes Division” If your Local Police can’t help it may help to County Sheriff, State Police or The FBI if the Harassment involves Death Threats.

REMEMBER: Tell your Parents if anyone Online is Harassing you or making you Uncomfortable!

Helpful Links and Tips: 

  • If you do not want to clog up your computer’s space or memory storing screenshots and evidence, you can either print them out to store in a binder or folder, or you can store them in your Google Drive account which offers 15gb of free space. It would also be wise to store the evidence onto a flash drive so that when you do eventually decide to or have to go to law enforcement, you can quickly hand the evidence right over to detectives that will be working on your case.
  • If the person has been sending you harassing/threatening/sexually explicit emails through Gmail or using a Gmail address, you can report their Gmail account directly to Google using this form https://support.google.com/mail/contact/abuse
  • If the person has been uploading videos to YouTube about you that are intimidating or bullying you, you can report them by going here https://www.youtube.com/reportabuse, If they have been reuploading your videos, this violates your Copyright, as you own the content you produce, if that is the case, you can use this form https://www.youtube.com/copyright_complaint_form to initiate a Copyright takedown.
  • A website with more helpful information: https://www.haltabuse.org/



Please check out the many Resources on our AU-HAI Division Page and if you have any Questions or Comments regarding the Articles please contact Support@ASMRtistUnited.org.


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