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A Statment on the Termination of my Channel

A Statment on the Termination of my Channel


My channel was falsely terminated by YouTube on the night of July 30th, I didn’t find out about the termination until I woke up the next morning and checked my email and had an email from a viewer that I’ve spoken with before, named Tim, Tim said he was sad to see my channel get terminated and that he wishes me luck in whatever I decided to do, I tell MommyMommy15 about the termination of my channel and we quickly submit an appeal to the YouTube team to declare that we believe YouTube has terminated my channel falsely and that I have done nothing wrong.

We received no email or notification whatsoever regarding the termination, nor, did we recieve anything regarding any Community Guideline strikes that could have lead to the termination, and that is leads us to believe the termination was false and unjustified.

We then waited a few days and then shot over an email to the YouTube Creator Support team to see if they were looking into our appeal, we received a response within 24 hours and the employee at YouTube said that they have no record of our inital appeal, so we go ahead and submit another one and notify this YouTube employee that we sent in another appeal.

A few days later, we received an email back from the same YouTube employee stating that YouTube has decided to keep my channel terminated, this obviously broke both I and MM15’s hearts, we lost all of our content we’ve made, all of the moments we’ve had with you, and most importantly our connection with you guys.

I then posted the response from the YouTube employee on my Instagram and got many comments and DMs from our viewers advising us that we should fight the termination again… so we did, we sent a reply to this YouTube employee stating the reasons why we believe the termination was false and that we request this to be looked into further because we have done nothing wrong…. and it worked!

The YouTube employee got back to us and said that they sent in a request to the Terminations team for an investigation into the termination, this was 3 weeks ago…. we although been receiving daily apologies from this YouTube employee about the speed of this ‘investigation’ and we are waiting patiently with our fingers crossed in hopes that we get our/my channel back.

Finally on the 27th of August, we received a response regarding the final decision on our account, whether it would be unsuspended or not, we were excited to open it, but were instantly disappointed when we seen that our channel would stay suspended after a ‘careful’ review by the YouTube Supsensions Team.

Although, I and MM15 are not gone forever! MM15 will start uploading regular content of mine onto her channel, just like the content you’d normally see on my channel.

For my older videos, most of them are gone, around 85% I’d say, but there is some you can still watch! Yup that’s right, they are still on YouTube! Just not on my channel.

My friend created an archive channel and has been uploading videos either he can find or that I have saved and send to him for him to upload.

That channel can be located here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS3vXewVMSBnmEjzSTyO3zQ

Sorry if you can’t find one of your favorite videos on the channel, what is currently there, is most likely all that is available of my old content.

Thank you so much for reading this, and much love and light to you.

– Jacob.




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