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My Video was Flagged!

My Video was Flagged!

There are 2 Reasons why your ASMR Video/s has been flagged: 1 is that someone is concerned about your Safety making ASMR Videos on YouTube, 2 is that it is some Stupid Troll who thinks its funny to report and remove your videos. About 95% of the time it is #2: Just a Stupid Troll, But, No matter why/who it was flagged by, There is a way to try and save your video and get it back up on YouTube. Although this method has a very, very slim chance of working, especially if you are a minor, So let us get started!

When a video gets Flagged and Removed from YouTube, You will receive an email telling you what video was removed and why it was removed. TIP: Make sure to read the email fully to know why it was removed.


You can also find the reason why your video was removed and the link to the Appeal form in your Video Manager.

In that circled area, You will find a link to a form that you can use to appeal the video, When you go the form there will be a little box that you can type the reason why your video should be put back up.

REMEMBER! You can only appeal the video once! In that box you should write:

“My video should be put back up as it is not Sexual in any way! It is ASMR and meant for relaxation! My Parents have allowed me to make this content. Thank You!”

Then hit “Submit Appeal”, You should receive a reply within 1-2 Days but it may take a bit longer. When you receive a reply it will tell you whether or not YouTube will put the video back up, Although in my case (JacobJacob15 ASMR) My video sadly was not going to be put back up 🙁

Hopefully, it will work for you! This method was used by 1 Member of ASMRtist United and it worked for him!

There is really no way to prevent your videos from being flagged and YouTube won’t tell you who flagged it.

Just be careful whispering up-close to the camera, making Mouth Sounds, or Eating in videos, Those videos have the highest chance of being flagged and taken down.

Good Luck!


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