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Why ASMRtist United is not accepting new member applications.

Why ASMRtist United is not accepting new member applications.

ASMRtist United is temporarily not accepting new member applications, We are very sad that we have to do this, but it is for your safety.

Ever since December 2017, I (JacobJacob15) and MommyMommy15 have been cyber-harassed, our address leaked, and very hurtful and threatening emails and comments have been posted and sent to us. Shortly after, This harasser started targeting members of ASMRtist United, threatening to release their information as well and flagging their ASMR videos.

More personal information about this harasser/man is being released day by day to us, and it is still an ongoing police matter and investigation.

This person is not stopping voluntarily, so we are having to resort to remedy the situation with legal and federal authorities.

Until we are given the go-ahead by the appropriate persons, this is all we can release at this time.

My main priority is to not protect myself, but, protect my friends and members, it would be very, very unsafe to allow new members to join thus putting them in danger of this harasser.

We are very happy that you would like to join, but, as said, we sadly cannot allow you to.

Thank you for your understanding and support of our members.

JacobJacob15, President of ASMRtist United.


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