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ASMRtist United was founded in August of 2017 to alleviate and put an end to drama that was stirring up between two ASMRtists, Sparkling ASMR, and Andrei ASMR, in the “Kid” ASMR community.

ASMRtist United as a group formally disbanded on November 25, 2019, due to a decline in members and lack of interaction between them, which can be attributed to most of them growing up and finding new interests or passions. We were sad to see them go, but we were glad to see them grow.

We attempted to restart and reorganize ASMRtist United in early February 2020 (which is why ASMRtistUnited.com exists), however, it just didn’t work out, and felt like we were trying to “beat a dead horse”. In our eyes, ASMRtist United could exist only once and with its original members by its side.

This version of our website, which we started putting together on February 26, 2022, and made public on April 7, 2022, serves as a time capsule for the once active ASMRtist United so that its history and former members are not lost in time due to the ephemeral nature of the internet.

See below for a full history of how ASMRtist United came to be.

The Cyber-War

In mid-August of 2017, Sparkling ASMR, while on a livestream, started reacting to other ASMR videos on YouTube, one of which was a video by fellow young ASMRtist, Andrei ASMR, in Andrei’s video, he had taken a plastic toy gun and put it into his mouth as a joke, Sparkling, however, didn’t find it funny and claimed that it was “sexual”.

Sparkling ASMR (left) and Andrei ASMR (right) are pictured in their parts from the 2017 ASMRtist United annual collaboration.

Andrei quickly caught wind of Sparkling’s livestream and his claims that Andrei tries to make his ASMR videos “sexual” and made his own video defending himself, this video fueled his viewers to start attacking Sparkling, and Sparkling’s viewers did the same to Andrei, all while Sparkling and Andrei kept the “war” going for around a week by continuing to make followup videos and livestreams about eachother.

The Video

During the week that Sparking and Andrei’s “cyber-war” went on, JacobJacob15 ASMR took notice of the drama and personal attacks that were going on and on the night of August 19, 2017, at 10:15 pm EDT, released a video of his own entitled “this needs to stop… andrei asmr and sparkling asmr” in which he called for Sparking, Andrei, and their respective viewers to stop fighting and focus on the tingles, not the drama.

In Jacob’s video, he also proposed the idea of creating a United Nations like group for Young ASMRtists to avoid similar drama in the future, and along with this idea, he also shared a “prototype” of what the groups’ logo and members roster would look like if created.

The prototype group name (later changed to ASMRtist United), logo, and members, which also featured Hexed ASMR and the duo of Rasmus and David from ASMR Friends, whom Jacob was friends with and also aware of the drama.

Within an hour, Jacob’s video quickly garnered a few thousand views and attention from his, Sparkling, and, Andrei’s viewers, as well as Sparkling and Andrei themselves. Everyone had agreed that it was time to end the drama and focus on the tingles.

One of the many comments left on Jacob’s video urging Sparkling and Andrei to end the drama.

The Rift is Repaired

Andrei then left a comment on one of Sparkling’s videos regarding the drama and said:

Hey Sparkling. Tbh [to be honest] I like your ASMR. I don’t know why you decided to rant on my channel, but if you don’t understand, i’ll explain here. I don’t like to take ASMR 100% seriously because I want to be able to be myself, not just like a robotic sound machine (idk [I don’t know] that’s the best analogy i had). The “gun” i had in my mouth was fake and was just a toy gun spray painted black. No, I don’t try and make my ASMR sexual, and i don’t try to. JacobJacob15 made a video addressing this and I apologize for anything I said. I hope we can resolve this.

Andrei ASMR – August 19, 2017.

Sparkling responded within minutes to Andrei’s comment saying:

I cant respond rn [right now] at y [my] friends house i will address this all in a livestream tonight

Sparkling ASMR – August 19, 2017.

In Sparkling’s livestream that followed shortly after, he and Andrei had come to amends and agreed to stop fighting with each other and urged their viewers to do the same as well.

ASMRtist United Becomes a Reality

After the drama between Sparkling and Andrei had come to an end, Jacob’s “United ASMRtist” idea hadn’t been forgotten.

So on August 23, 2017, ASMRtist United was born, with Jacob, Sparkling, Andrei, Hexed, and Rasmus (ASMR Friends) all as co-founders, with Jacob serving specifically as “President”. Two new members were also invited to join the group that day, Cookie ASMR, and RelaxedJoJo ASMR.

The Annual Collaboration

ASMRtist United’s founding was a success and so was its mission to stop the fight between Sparkling and Andrei, however, it now needed a project that everyone in the group could unite together on, and so, Sparkling and Hexed came up with the idea to do a massive sound assortment collaboration featuring all of the ASMRtist United members.

So over the next 48-hours, each member recorded a 5-7 minute clip of themselves doing a sound/trigger of their choice and sent it to Jacob, who edited it all together into a 35-minute video, featuring each member’s unique technique and style of ASMR.

And on August 25, 2017, each member uploaded the first annual ASMRitst United collaboration to their channels where it amassed over 250k views (in a year) on Jacob’s channel alone.

The ASMRtist United Logo

The ASMRtist United logo and all of its preceding designs were made by JacobJacob15 ASMR and based on the logo of the United Nations which was originally designed in 1945 by a team of designers led by Oliver Lincoln Lundquist.

The “original” ASMRtist United logo was created on August 24, 2017, the day after AU’s founding, and was used up until early April 2019 when it was re-designed for a neater and more professional look, the new design also allowed it to be exported as an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) so that it would look pixel-perfect at any size.

The original AU logo used from August 2017 – April 2019.
The re-designed AU logo used from April 2019 – Present.