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Annual Collabs

Each year, the members of ASMRtist United would participate in a collaboration that would act as the symbolic “peace treaty” between all of the members and most importantly, be super tingly and relaxing for you! (the viewers.)

The idea for each annual collaboration would be proposed by one or more members with the most well-liked one being used.

Only two collaborations were made, the first and original one in August 2017, and the second and last one in August 2018. A third one was slated to be made in August 2019, which would consist of a sequel to the 2018 “America’s Got Tingles” annual collaboration and also feature contributions from non-AU members, however, it never made it to production due to JacobJacob15 ASMR, President of ASMRtist United, having his YouTube channel falsely terminated in late July and the eventual disbandment of ASMRtist United that following November.

Past Annual Collaborations

2017 · Sound Assortment

Date Premiered: August 25, 2017

Idea Proposed by: Hexed ASMR & Sparkling ASMR

Featuring: JacobJacob15 ASMR, Hexed ASMR, Rasmus (ASMR Friends), Sparkling ASMR, Andrei ASMR, Cookie ASMR, RelaxedJoJo ASMR

2018 · America’s Got Tingles Roleplay

Date Premiered: August 27, 2018

Idea Proposed by: Clout Asmr

Featuring: JacobJacob15 ASMR, MommyMommy15 ASMR, Evan’s ASMR, Rasmus (ASMR Friends), RelaxedJoJo ASMR, Clout Asmr, Wonderland ASMR

2021 REMIX · America’s Got Tingles Roleplay with NO Judges!

Date Premiered: May 20/24, 2021

Idea Proposed by: JacobJacob15 ASMR

Featuring: Evan’s ASMR, Rasmus (ASMR Friends), RelaxedJoJo ASMR, Clout Asmr, Wonderland ASMR

Collaboration Individual Member Parts

You can find each member’s part for each annual collaboration below.